London based Finnish songstress Scarlette has never revealed too much about her true persona. Identifying herself as a modern day Cinderella, Scarlette has always believed in big dreams. Given that you could blink and miss the village she once called home, she knew she had to pack her bags and head for the bright lights of London in order to make her pop ambitions a reality.

With Scarlette preferring to keep her real name a secret, all that is known of her pre-London life is that she always dreamed big despite her small surroundings. While her family and friends encouraged her to conform, Scarlette revelled in being the outsider. Not wishing to marry young or have a family, she knew she had to follow her heart and her dream. Having always got a buzz out of performance, her parents agreed that she had the talent to go all the way and supported her decision to leave the small Finnish village behind for the buzzing British capital.

Upon arrival, Scarlette was captivated by the never-ending Euston Road. Sat on her fully packed suitcase, she knew she had arrived at the place where dreams could come true. All she had to do was chase them.

After buying The Stage, she applied to audition after audition, receiving praise for her vocal but confusion as to her style choices. Unwilling to compromise herself for success, she opted instead to go it alone.

Before she knew it, she was supporting Basement Jaxx in Brixton and having her music touted by a fledgling record label on Dragon’s Den. However, Scarlette knew that she still had not arrived at her destination.

Having met a series of producers and songwriters throughout her audition process, she began building a contact-base that would help to make her vision a reality. Earning herself the nickname ‘Mariah Carey’ by her housemates, she rehearsed for 6 hours a day, focusing on her vocal technique and attending daily dance classes at Pineapple Studios. She also attended East London Stage Performance Academy to finely tune her stage presence.

However, before she could immerse herself fully in her pop career, Scarlette fell in love. The man in question remains unidentified, but the broken heart he left her with gave her an emotional journey to write about. With her love life in tatters, she escaped to LA. During her time there she continued with her studies, and focussed her energies on increasing her network. Every day she would catch the bus from Venice to Beverley Hills to introduce herself to new people. Before long she had formed an alliance with DJ Quick, who took her under his wing and introduced her to ways to make her ambitions a reality.

Upon returning to Europe her professional life stepped up a gear after meeting producer Fabian Faupel at a concert in Paris. Clicking immediately, they set about working on the material she had penned through her heartbreak. The result was her debut EP ‘Alpha Female’ – a body of work that comments on female empowerment in the modern day.

Fully armed with a brand new single, an album on its way, and dressed to kill… Scarlette is ready to take the world by storm!